Charity Profile: Tiny Changes

Charity Profile: Tiny Changes

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Tiny Changes, a new Scotland-based charity, was established by the family of Scott Hutchison after the beloved musician and frontman of Frightened Rabbit died by suicide in 2018. Hutchison struggled with mental health issues throughout his life, and mental health awareness was a cause close to his heart. Many of his fans resonated with his experiences when he spoke about them publicly. Now his family are continuing that legacy of compassion.

Tiny Changes raises funds and awareness to support the mental health of young people in Scotland. They are working toward the goal of “a Scotland where young people are listened to when they talk about their mental health. Where young people can access the support they need, when they need it.” Through charity events and fundraising, they hope to use their resources to positively impact the delivery of mental health services as well as better understand the causes of mental health conditions and how to treat them. 

It’s still early days for the charity, so they’re creating action plans and figuring out what exact form these goals are going to take. They’ll be inviting grant applications from projects and organisations they want to support, and they also invite advice and input from young people themselves on what types of support are most needed and how best to implement them. 

As they put it, “We as adults have a responsibility towards the younger generation and we need to start listening to them and showing them the care and compassion they deserve. By making tiny changes we can collectively inspire big changes, and by better understanding each other and our loved ones these big changes are achievable.”

So far, they’re off to a great start with several successful charity events. The bank Twin Peaks partnered with Goose Island Brewpub to host an event and auction, and a lineup of musicians came together for the benefit concert XO: A Celebration of Elliot Smith, both raising money for Tiny Changes. Scottish musician Laurie Cameron is also collaborating with American poet Francis Daulerio on a split EP called All Is Not Lost, sales of which will benefit Tiny Changes. Global preorders are now open.

The title of the charity is taken from a lyric from the Frightened Rabbit song ‘Heads Roll Off”, that says ‘While I’m alive, I’ll make tiny changes to Earth.’ We think this organisation is both a beautiful tribute to Scott Hutchison’s legacy and an immensely important initiative to support the mental health of young people. We’re looking forward to seeing what else they do and how they grow their operations. 

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