Thinking of You: Recreating Home in Hospital

Thinking of You: Recreating Home in Hospital

Words & Art by Madison Hendry

Thinking of You’ is part of a larger time-based series of works entitled Bed Rest. The work documents the artist’s daily routine throughout her 21 days on bed rest in hospital as a result of her water breaking during her 25th week of pregnancy. She wanted to recreate her ‘home’ in the hospital’s artificial and sterile environment, where she felt constantly monitored and surveyed; cut off from the outside world.

The artist secretly hand-stitched notes on her bed sheets as a desperate attempt to communicate her own struggles, and in the hope that they’d be passed onto other patients. ‘Thinking of You’ was in possession of the artist for three days. The bed sheets were changed and taken by the cleaning staff while the artist was showering and replaced with new ones; a new canvas. The hand-stitched sheets may or may not be in current use today. They may or may not have been viewed or utilised by anyone else. But they were created and the memories still exist.

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