We don’t have all the answers, and we know that change is needed at a much deeper level in order to have a lasting impact, in public, corporate, educational, or governmental spaces. As a result, we also leverage our platform by using research to connect institutions to the people they serve and helping real voices be heard by those working on mental health policies.

Mental health needs to be examined through an intersectional lens in order to accurately inform policy, we want to identify and highlight the challenges facing young people across different identities and walks of life. Our research is currently focused on facilitating open and constructive dialogue between educational institutions and the young adults they support.



We’re continually working to evaluate our impact­—we want to understand what works and what doesn’t so we can ensure our activities are valuable for our community, and that everything we are doing contributes to our long-term vision. We welcome feedback from our contributors, readers, social media followers, and members of our wider community. Get involved by filling in our short anonymous survey(s) below.


We provide mental health communication audits to universities and colleges. More is being done to support students, and more money is being invested than ever before, but students don’t seem to be feeling the impact. We believe this is, at least in part, due to a gap in communication, so these audits are designed to determine how successfully mental health services and support are communicated to students and provide recommendations for improvements.


We’ve been working hard over this year on several exciting research projects including a review of mental health communications at Scottish Universities and Colleges as well as a policy report. We’ll be writing up our findings in the coming weeks and we’ll share our reports here. Follow our social media and check back regularly for updates on our progress and how you can get involved.