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Before you start, please ask yourself

  • Are you feeling okay? If you’re not sure you feel up to it yet, or need to talk to someone now, visit our Resources page.
  • How will this piece help or inform our readers, what can they learn from it, and how will they feel after reading it?
  • We publish content which promotes positivity, even in times of adversity, and provides an actionable message to our readers. Please keep this in mind and focus on support and encouragement rather than venting negative feelings.
  • Why is this particular idea timely, relevant or new?
  • Could you include any sidebars, related content or other creative elements to complement your central piece?
  • How can our editorial team help?



  • Pitch: Topic, approach, & genre 
  • Feedback: We aim to send feedback within 4 weeks
  • First draft: Get writing & submit a draft to our editors
  • Revisions: We’ll review your piece & discuss changes 
  • Publication: We’ll schedule your work then publish & promote it


  • Non-Fiction: 1000-word limit
  • (Flash) Fiction: 1500-word limit
  • Poetry: 3 pieces, 1 page each
  • Experimental: 800-word limit
  • Reviews: 800-word limit


  • Current Theme: GIVING
  • Wellbeing: Self-care, positive mental health, mindfulness
  • Stories: Share your experience & what’s helped along the way
  • Culture: Events, music, reviews, research, campaigns, topical
  • Student Life: Reflections on the unique pressures of student life

Important Notes

  • Anonymity: You may remain anonymous, use a pen name, or use only your first name.
  • Triggering language: Please avoid going into specific detail or using romanticised descriptions of behaviours or events as this may be unhelpful or triggering to othersthere’s a more detailed explanation of this here.
    • We are aware that interpretation of language is subjective and try to be conscious of how different people may interpret a piecewe will always err on the side of caution when a piece may be open to negative interpretation.
  • Revisions: We might send your work back for some revisions; this does not mean that your work isn’t valuable or well written. We just want to help you tell your story in the most effective way.
  • Payment: We are a not-for-profit social enterprise and due to our funding model, we’re unable to pay contributors at this time.
    • We’re happy to share links to our contributors’ donation sites, published work, and social media, as well as future work and projects. We also love helping contributors develop their skills, and provide in-depth feedback and guidance when requested.
    • We are hoping this will change in the future and our Managing Editor is looking into funding models that will help us support marginalised writers – we will post updates as soon as we have any.
  • Guidelines: We encourage everyone to read our full guidelines before submitting their work.

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