We produce a magazine called Ampersand which aims to provide a space and community for young adults to connect with others who have experiences they can identify with. Our content promotes self-care and positive wellbeing interventions, and delivers an actionable message to those who may need it. 

Community is at the heart of everything we do. You can read about the mental health experiences and other empowering journeys of our volunteer contributors in our Stories section.

Anyone can submit to Ampersand. Our main target audience is young adults and students, so we especially welcome contributions from these communities. In particular, we are interested in receiving submissions from marginalised creatives—including individuals from black and minority ethnic, migrant, care-experienced, or socially disadvantaged backgrounds—and using our platform to amplify their voices. 

We’re always open for submissions, and also put out calls around specific themes. Find out more about how to contribute below.

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Submissions close: 30 OCT 2019






We are always open for general submissions, but we also put out regular calls for particular themes or topics. If you would like to hear about these creative volunteering opportunities you can…