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Mental health & wellbeing are increasingly present in arts, culture, and media. More people are speaking out, creating thought-provoking content and making support more accessible.

Writing Success

Ellen Desmond discusses the ideas we have of success and failure with writer Ely Percy, ahead of the release of their new novel Vicky Romeo Plus Joolz.

World Pollination: Q&A With Hot Brown Honey

Ellen Desmond speaks with Lisa Fa’alafi of Hot Brown Honey about performer wellbeing, using the arts as activism and being a powerful minority voice at some of the world’s biggest arts festivals.

Unfolding Austel

The Ampersand Project chats to Annie Rew Shaw about all things creativity, change, and self-care.


We share findings from our own research, talk to experts, industry volunteers, activists, academics, and professionals in the hope that their knowledge and experience might be helpful or reassuring.

In Praise Of Sleep

Solution focused therapist Gin Lalli shares her expert advice on sleep as the best medicine.