We amplify the voices of our community, provide them with a space to share their experiences, and allow them to connect with readers who may have a similar experience.

A Celebration: Art Series

Mustafa Sarwar’s work is a powerful celebration of non binary people which creates visibility for his community. His photos reflect on youth culture, with a focus on issues around gender, sexuality & role models


Mental health & wellbeing are increasingly present in arts, culture, and media. More people are speaking out, creating thought-provoking content and making support more accessible.

Staging Change: Q&A With Jemima Levick

We spoke to Jemima Levick, Artistic Director & Chief Executive of Stellar Quines – a touring theatre company inspiring excellence in women & girls – about all things challenge, change, creativity, progress and inspiration

Hysterical Women: Books About Menstrual Health & Wellbeing

Ellen Desmond reflects on the lack of knowledge about how female and queer bodies interact with mental health, and provides a list of books she found helpful in educating herself about issues that affect her and her peers, including PMDD, PME, PMS, endometriosis, and the interactions between the mind and contraceptives.

A Listening Ear, How Barbers Can Help Men Open Up: Q&A with Craig Henderson

We spoke to Craig Henderson who runs Craig’s Barber Shop in Bolton, UK which is an affiliate safe place of The Lions Barber Collective, a male suicide prevention and mental health awareness charity. Craig is trained and ready to listen to customers in need, and his shop is a relaxed, modern-themed unisex barbers, that is LGBT+ friendly.


We share findings from our own research, talk to experts, industry volunteers, activists, academics, and professionals in the hope that their knowledge and experience might be helpful or reassuring.