Poetry: Love Where You Are

Love where you are

Art & Words by Mandy Lee Berger

I see you
How you want to run before you can stand
How you want to leap before you can walk
Love where you are
From your body laying on the ground
getting used to its weight
getting used to the earth supporting it
holding it
Rest here
‘till you are ready to get up
‘till you are home in your fleshy temple
‘till your breath breathes you into sync with your lungs and your heartbeat
‘till you are in flow with your own innate rhythms

I see you
How you move from where you want to be, instead of from where you are
How you beat yourself up for not keeping up with your expectations of yourself, pressuring instead of allowing.
Love from where you are
From the shaking fearful overwhelmed hesitant child, who is unsure of her body
Learning patience
Learning to accept, hold and embrace where you’re at
Move with the heaviness and weight, not against it
You will eventually reach flight.
Rest in all the noise and chaos
Be in stillness
‘till you are ready to make your next move
‘till your mind stops it’s chatter and spinning
‘till you are present and aligned with the stars in your soul
‘till you feel you can integrate the universe inside you with the structure of your bones, the wires of your mind

I see you
How you compare yourself
How you panic and flail and try to hide, instead of taking courage to sit with and comfort the part that is scared
Love where you are
Love your toes to your head
Love the bruises and the scars
Love your hair to your skin
Love the vulnerable parts and the armor you have wielded
Love your bones to your flesh
Love the shame and the sorrow
Love your insides to your outsides
Love your soul, mind, body and 
Love your light and dark equally
Love every inch of where you are and who you are
Don’t wait ‘till you are where you want to be
Love yourself now.

I see you
How you want to fight for, while you fight against
How you want to fly before you can dance
Love where you are
From the freedom and the fearless
From the contained and the fearful
Rest here
‘till you are whole again
‘till you feel safe to connect all your parts and embrace life through your whole being
with Love and Joy
til all the illusions have been dismantled and all you are left with is the truth.
For now rest here
in the uncertainty 
and the unknown
and just 

Love where you are.

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