Just Between Me & You My Good Friend

Just Between Me & You
My Good Friend

Words by Gerard Sarnat

Coming from Jewish shtetl
then Southside of Chicago
Midwest lower-class roots
before we moved to glitzy Beverly Hills

it’s a given I was raised not
to show off if we happened
to’ve accumulated stores of
cash – unlike neighbors with fancy cars

who both parents whispered
to me didn’t have a plumb
nickel in rainy day banks
but are spendthrifts existing on the edge.

Somehow it hadn’t occurred
‘til now that Ger lives simply
in small office next to kitchenette
next to bedroom with little forest porch…

Once an Amazon of a woman,
tiny but otherwise huge of stature,
my 50-year wife, currently infirmed
with the blues, refers to me as her Alexa.

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