Issue Two Is Here!

Issue Two is Here!

The idea of ‘moving on’ can be interpreted in so many different ways. It can be simple, meaning someone has moved on to a new home or job. It can be positive, when an exciting new chapter of life begins. But it can also have very negative connotations when it becomes a naively used term to encourage people to let go of something difficult, or when associated with forced migration and asylum seeking. It can even mean someone we love has now passed away. 

The springboard for this issue’s theme of ‘moving on’ came from Nora McInerny’s TED Talk on grief. McInerny hates the term ‘moving on’. She says: ‘We don’t move on from grief. We move forward with it.’ McInerny founded The Hot Young Widows Club, and has made a career of discussing loss and death. She wants to make more people comfortable with the uncomfortable.

With that in mind, this issue of Ampersand does not suggest that you should ever feel under pressure to move on, or that any of us can ever fully let go of something we’ve been through. Rather, we  examine  the  various ways young people face up to change,

challenges, and interpret how we can best move forward with life and healing. We wanted to explore what moving on means to young adults today; be that recovering from illness, facing up to emigration, grief, family estrangement, coming out, leaving uni, or starting up important communities and social enterprises to make a change. And, yes, in some cases we look at times when people have moved on from something completely, because that’s okay too.

 The conversation around mental health has shifted from putting the onus on people to fully move on, and with great urgency, to seeing recovery or emotional processing as part of an ongoing healing process that can only happen when someone is ready. The words within these pages show that our generation is trying to embrace a healthy approach to dealing with transitional emotions and wellbeing. This can only be a good thing.

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