Exploring Giving at Women’s Aid East and Midlothian

Exploring Giving at Women’s
Aid East & Midlothian

This writing was produced following a creative writing workshop at Women’s Aid East and Midlothian on the theme of ‘giving’. These sessions were facilitated by Lorna Hill, director of Sharing A Story CIC, a community interest organisation in Edinburgh.


It’s easier to give than receive
It’s harder to say no than yes
I’m expected to do it all
I’m used to always giving

I like to make people happy
If I’m helping others it helps me
Giving offers me purpose
I’m just so used to giving

I’m not used to receiving
I was given a gift and didn’t know what to do
I wasn’t sure how to react
Because it’s me who does the giving

What Would You Give Yourself?

Time to relax with friends
Tickets to a gig
Cuddles with my dog

Time to relax
More positive feelings
Things you can’t buy in a shop

That my loved ones will be okay without me
That the world will not collapse if I’m not there

Simple things
A kettle, mug, tea-bags and milk
Sweets, chocolate and a cosy seat
The TV

Courage to face the day
Time to do something just for me
Like reading a book or having a cup of coffee
Time to learn things for me

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