Drag: Art Series

Drag: Art Series

Photography by Jenny Molloy

The photoshoot of Cameron / Bonnie was nothing short of a pleasure. One third of ‘Bonnie and the Bonnettes’, Cameron and Bonnie’s whole persona transferred so easily into still image and it’s wonderful and rare to be able to capture somebody as they truly are. Whilst the shoot started out as promotional shots for touring, it quickly moved into a exploration of Cameron’s shift to Bonnie and then out of character again. What was fascinating was how easily Cameron managed to transition from himself into his drag alter-ego and, even without the bright pink wig, still radiated Bonnie’s attitude.

In order to truly experience Cameron and get a glimpse at his unparalleled talent, you will have to go and watch his autobiographical and unapologetic show, ‘Drag me to love’, performed alongside his equally brilliant ‘Bonnettes’, Hattie and Becky. Hilarious, touching and conversation provoking, Cameron’s work is not something to miss.  I’m glad I managed to spend a bit of time with him before his inevitable rise to the top.

“It’s wonderful and rare to be able to capture somebody as they truly are.”

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