Social media is often portrayed as being detrimental to mental health. But this doesn’t have to be the case. We believe social media can be a source of support, encouragement, and hope. Digital platforms allow creators, experts, friends, and readers to come together to share their stories, discuss their worlds, and build an understanding of one another. 

We use our social media accounts to share uplifting, interactive, and supportive content that promotes self-care and delivers an actionable message to those who may need it. We want to build a community where young adults can connect with others who have experiences they can identify with, and encourage our followers to interact and communicate with us, and each other.




Follow The Ampersand Podcast on your favourite podcast platform for regular episodes featuring a range of guests, from creatives to campaigners, who share their thoughts and experiences on wellbeing, mental health, and self-care. Find all the links below.



The &Creatives is a safe and welcoming Facebook group where our community actively supports each other’s wellbeing, while encouraging creativity and artistic expression in a multitude of forms. It’s a space to collaborate, share tips, and meet like-minded people 


We use our social media platforms to engage with and include our incredible community, through regular interactive features such as our weekly Instagram check-ins and Spotify playlists. We also use our platforms to highlight and signpost tools, resources, and information. Come join the conversation!