Casting Away The Blues: Podcasts & Mental Health

Casting Away The Blues:
Podcasts & Mental Health

Sometimes, it can feel like there’s an overwhelming amount of information on how to take care of yourself. From self-help articles, social media threads, and whole books, things can become daunting, even stressful, and seem like just another thing on your ‘to do list’. When this happens, it can often be most productive to just give yourself a break. It can be reassuring to listen to others having a discussion about something that may or may not affect you, or have a calming voice guide your meditation for you, without having to give any input yourself.

Here are some of our favourite mental health podcasts.

Therapy For Black Girls

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist, founded this show in order to encourage the mental wellness of black women and girls. She’s an expert in the hurdles preventing black women and girls from accessing mental healthcare, and the challenges that often see them needing it in the first place. Expect to hear about everything from the challenges of black women in leadership, to tips on how to maintain freedom while in a relationship.

The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Though joking about mental illness isn’t for everyone, for some it’s the easiest way to discuss or process heavy information. Comedian Paul Gilmartin hosts The Mental Illness Happy Hour, for those who may benefit from using comedy in this way. Interestingly, the show takes its springboard from the mental challenges that are prevalent in specifically the creative industries, and often covers addiction.

What Do I Do? Mental Health & Me

This series offers listeners an honest insight into how some the UK’s best-known people have coped with mental health difficulties, ranging from OCD to insomnia, addiction to grief, and depression to anxiety. Having experiences with depression and self-harm, Dame Kelly Holmes set out to discover how other people cope. She joins each guest in a place that makes them feel good. Each episode concludes with an expert insight from mental health professionals too. Some guests have included Jon Ronson, Philip Pullman, Munroe Bergdorf, and Amanda Palmer. This Podcast is only available on Audible.


Cited as ‘the podcast to destigmatise mental health’, hosts Bobby Temps, Danielle Hogan, and Annie Harris put together a fresh new episode every Thursday. The aim is simple, to create a safe space to interview guests about as many different topics relating to mental health and ill-health as possible, in the hope that listeners will continue the conversation in real life.

The Mind Podcast

One of the best known mental health charities Mind began its own podcast back in 2013, in order to share real life stories from service users and those who have been through crises. It often has guests who have had a long journey to diagnosis. It hears testimony from those with a background in traditional inpatient/outpatient care and crisis services, and/or who have learned how to balance a mental illness with a passion or a certain type of lifestyle.

The Mindful Minute Podcast

This podcast was initially for those who are short on time and struggle to fit in relaxation, though of course it can be beneficial to all. It’s a ‘no bullshit’ approach to short stints of meditation. It’s been going for over two years now, so there are now more than 100 episodes guiding you through meditation for just about every sort of feeling and situation you can imagine: ‘Unconditional Self-Love’, ‘Ease Into Sleep’ and ‘Mini Frustration Meditation’ are just some of the recent options on offer.

10% Happier with Dan Harris

Emmy Award-winning Harris was on a set path towards a conventionally successful career in journalism—until he suffered a panic attack live on air, which prompted him to consider meditation. Converted, he wrote a bestselling book, 10% Happier, started an app, 10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics, and began a podcast. On his podcast, Harris and guests muse upon the meaning of happiness in its many forms and ask whether striving for success and enlightenment are mutually exclusive.

Man Talk

Man Talk is a podcast hosted by Jamie Day, the writer and blogger who can often be found sharing his experiences of fatherhood under the moniker A Day In The Life Dad. The show helps tackle issues relating to men’s mental health and normalise the conversation. Day has battled with mental health issues for most of his adult life, but is now in a position to use that to create a platform where men can talk openly about how mental health has affected them. Episodes from series one were recorded on location, in the guests’ homes, the park, or in a local pub, to set the tone as one that enables them to open up. Series two passes the mic to professionals to share some advice.

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