Ampersand Tries

Ampersand Tries

Woebot App

Texting a robot when your anxiety is rising seems like something out of the distant future. The Woebot app does exactly this though, and it comes highly recommended.

Created by a team of experts in clinical psychology, Woebot uses CBT methods with the goal of making highly-quality mental health tools radically accessible to everyone. It can be downloaded onto both iOS and Android. (Image © Woebot App)

Breathing Technique

Speaking of CBT, a small but useful and well-known breathing technique can help ease any sudden surges of anxiety and stress. Take a deep breath through your nose, breathing down into your body gently and steadily and, without pausing, exhaling as gently and steadily.

Some find it helpful to count to five with each inhalation and exhalation, though you might not reach five at first. The important bit is that your breaths are regular and gentle. Do this for three to five minutes if you’re feeling flustered. (source)

Meal Preparation

Though it might sound intimidating, there’s actually a lot to be said for bulk cooking and planning out what you’re going to eat for a week. Not only does it mean you get the best value for your money, now that the weather is colder, it definitely helps you plan, say, a big soup over three days when you can see what you’re doing all week.

You can also get a good pool of recipes going that are delicious, but quick and inexpensive to make. Pulling from these can make the meal planning even easier, and save you both time and money when resources may be limited!

Morning Pages

Simply put: morning pages are three pages of longhand, stream-of-consciousness writing that is not geared towards creativity, of any kind of art, but rather towards clearing the mind, and putting everything in your head on paper before you start the day. They can mean anything and everything to the writer, but key to morning pages is not overthinking it, or fretting about content. Just fill three pages, don’t think about it much, and wash, rinse, repeat.

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